Welcome to JoshuaBGee.com!

 This site was designed to allow you to see examples of my work in the  hopes that you may some day find a need for my services. I have many  examples of websites that I have designed utilizing my artistic abilities as  well as my technical skills to develope sites that are more dynamic with  back end programming. I have also displayed some of my artwork and  graphic design work. I have created logos, album covers, menus, as well  as produced some audio and visual works for a number of companies.  Although I am mainly focused on web development, I have wide variety of  technical skills to offer, that can enhance my value to you. I hope you like  what you see and I also hope that we can work together in the future!

Each page on this site will offer a different layout. This may throw you off a little bit because most sites have a consistency in regards to a layout. I am doing this website with a variety of layouts so that you can get a better idea of my design skills and it allows me to show my coding skills. All code on this site is copyleft so feel free to take a look. All the artwork on this site is original and owned by me so please get your own images, artwork and such if you use my code. On this main page I will give notes for each page and what went into designing each layout.

Home Page

The main page you see here is very simple. I wanted to do something very clean and basic. I used this layout as a basis for a site I created for Captain Toms Ice Cream. The top banner and background image I created using JASC Paint Shop 9. The tab menu and container around the content I created with a CSS. The content and images are all within a table which is surrounded by the div that is creating the container. The fading image is done with a simple little Java Applet.

See the HTML file and the CSS file for this page.

Artwork Examples Page

 This page is designed using strictly CSS to create the layout. I created  all the artwork for the page using JASC Paint Shop 9. I then floated all  the images to create the layout. There are six main images being used here.  I used an external JavaScript file in conjuction with the CSS file to create  the pop up image window containing the larger views of the thumbnails. No  tables were used, this was done using nothing but divs'. The pop up  window I created with JavaScript and CSS.

See the HTML file, CSS file or the JavaScript file for this page.

Resume Page

On this page I wanted to do as much as possible with as little as possible when designing the layout. I only used 3 images in the design. Most people don't like marques but I used one to make a little news ticker effect. You can click on one of the choices from the drop down menus to get a printable version of my papers.

See the HTML file, CSS file or the JavaScript file for this page.