I created this page using CSS to create the layout. I used tJASC Paint Shop 9 to create all the original artwork. Feel free to download the files for this page.

See the HTML file,CSS fileor the JavaScript file for this page.

Got Art?

This page is for displaying some of my graphic design skills. I have utilized my artistic eye to create original logos, album covers, websites, flyers, posters, promotional needs and much more.

Feel free to click on any of the thumbnails to get a better look at the art. All the artwork on this page is original from conception to completion. I also created all the artwork used for the page layouts you see through out this site. Whatever you need I can handle!

The design software I am familiar with is Adobe Photo Shop CS 9, Adobe Illustrator, JASC Paint Shop Pro 8 & 9, Printshop 10, MX Flash 2004, and Dreamweaver. The hardware I have experience with are various digital cameras and scanners.

Sample Artwork

The pop up window is a flash banner that I created for captaintomsicecream.com using MX Flash 2004. I created the artwork using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and generated the sound effects with Sony Acid 5.0. The banner is also dynamic in that I inserted hidden links to Bluebunny ice cream.

 I created this logo for a record
 company in Cincinnati, Ohio. I drew
 this logo freehand and then used Adobe  Photoshop to clean it up. I will be  developing their web site in the near  future and I will add a link soon so all  can see!

I designed this logo for an ice cream trucking company in Lockland, Ohio. I created this logo using Printshop 10 which was the prefered software for this  firm. They utilize the artwork on all  their company stationary and on their company vehicles. I also developed and currently maintain their site which you can view at captaintomsicecream.com. I set up their hosting and DNS using an Apache server through godaddy.com.

 This is a logo I created for a production  studio in Cincinnati, Ohio called Press  Play Multi Media. I have done various  projects for this company and will  hopefully have the opportunity to  develope a web site for them soon. I'll  be sure to add a link as soon as it is up  and running.

Below are two album covers I created for an artist from Cincinnati, Ohio known as Mr. Buck Naked. He is an artist off of the Press Play Multi Media record label division. I used JASC Paint Shop Pro 8 & 9 to create all the original artwork. Be sure to pick up these albums in your local Mom & Pop stores!