Language Skills

HTML: Hyper Text Mark-up Language
CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
DHTML: Dynamic Hyper Text Mark-up Language
VB: Visual Basic
XML: Extensible Mark-up Language
XSD: XML Schema Definition
XSLT: Extensible Style Sheet Language Transformation
PERL: Practical Extraction and Report Language
PHP: PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
AJAX: Asynchronous Javascript and XML
ASP: Active Server Pages
MYSQL: My Structured Query Language
SQL: Structured Query Language


To obtain a Web Developer or Web Administrator position.

Summary of Qualifications

Web Development: Applied technical skills to create websites for Captain Toms Ice Cream (www.captaintomsicecream.com ); City of Norwood, Ohio police department (www.norwoodpd.com ) COMING SOON!!;
Web Administration: Created and maintained database used for customer contacts, independent contractors, and commercial sales; Increased revenue by developing an e-commerce forum for selling products; Developed database for updating current news and events as well as creating a resource for citizens to relay comments and concerns;
Team Leadership: Supervised a staff of 80 to 150 employees, management, and independent contractors for fortune 500 companies; Increased revenues of over 60% by opening new branch offices in various cities; Maintained store P&L, productivity, inventory, and labor cost, as well as hiring, training, terminating and retaining employees; Created work schedules and enforced policy and procedures for a more efficient work environment;

Software Skills

Adobe Photo Shop
Adobe Illustrator
JASC Paint Shop
MX Flash
Sonic Video Vegas
Sonic Acid
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Office
Visual Basic 6
Linux Red Hat 9
Linux Fedora 4
Mac OS 10
Microsoft Windows 95-XP
Pro Tools LS
Lotus Notes
Microsoft Front Office


Associates in Applied Science: Web Development
ITT Technical Institute  Norwood, Ohio
March  2007
G.P.A.  3.2

Additional Achievements

  • Cincinnati Works Job Readiness Program: Certificate of completion Jan. 1998
  • Ameriking Basic Management Training: Certification of completion June 2000
  • IHOP Craft Management Training: Certificate of completion Feb. 2005
  • SafeServ National Restaurant Food Handling License: License Jan.2000, 2005
  • Bobcat Industrial Forklift License: Certification of completion - Mar. 2006

Employment Background

International House of Pancakes, Cincinnati, Ohio
Captain Toms Ice Cream, Cincinnati, Ohio
Ameriking Restaurants, Erlanger, Kentucky
HK Systems, Hebron, Kentucky
5/3 Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio
GE Capital, Mason, Ohio

Resumes, References, and Certificates

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